City of EUFORIE, Namibia, AFRICA

Population    103,122
Primary IndustriesAgriculture, Solar Energy, Tourism, Academic Ed
Primary LanguagesEnglish, Afrikaans
CurrencyNamibian Dollar
Tourist AttractionsSand Surfing, Water Park, Skeleton Coast Nat Park, Salt Water Reservoir
Average Rainfall50 mm per year
GovernmentRepresentative Democratic Republic
City Name OriginAfrikaans for Euforia
SEAD Overview

The City of Euforie was established in 2132 as a model S.E.A.D. city located in Namibia, AFRICA.

As with all S.E.A.D. cities, solar energy is harnessed to provide the missing ingredients in an otherwise non-arable landscape.

By using the S.E.A.D. development paradigm, an inhospitable desert has been transformed into self sustaining environment in sub-Saharan Africa.

Leaders of desert environments everywhere are looking to Euforie as a path to a bright and fruitful future.

Because of S.E.A.D., where nothing grew, a garden now thrives.

Note: Namibia is the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of annual rainfall. It was originally chosen as a challenging location to test the S.E.A.D. concept.